A Guest Post by Deb Hunter
Why Tudor History?

11 October 2022

The All Things Tudor journal, or magazine, whichever you prefer, manifested from an innocent thought I had in 2021 when I started doing audio interviews on the Clubhouse platform as part of my All Things Tudor Facebook Group. In simple terms, I had an epiphany.

It is apparent to me that Tudor history is becoming a part of pop culture, especially American pop culture. As fate and the internet of things would have it, I connected with the erudite Terence Hawkins, founder of the Yale Writers' Conference (yes, that Yale), and also the brilliant Tudor historian and academic, Dr. Norman Jones, Professor of History Emeritus of Utah State University, graduate of Cambridge (yes, that Cambridge), Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, The Society of Antiquaries and many more.

The result of our communications developed into another component of my All Things Tudor brand, taking the form of a quarterly digital publication, All Things Tudor - The Magazine.

All Things Tudor - The Magazine features essays as well as historical fiction and interviews from some of the most intellectual and creative minds in the world. I am thrilled, surprised, and honored to have Terence and Norm as Editors for this publication, which is available on Amazon. The best part is if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read the publication for free. The project has grown and evolved and I am considering subscriptions and other creative ways of facilitating the Tudor history craved by enthusiasts of the subject. My wish is to make Tudor history easily accessible.

Our team has been reviewing possible assignments and batting around essay and review concepts, and at one point pandemic history was mentioned, and from there Dr. Norman Jones wrote a brilliant essay which has been entitled Elizabeth's Pandemic but the content is so much more than that. It includes significant detail about the period in Elizabethan England. Tracy Borman joined me on the All Things Tudor Podcast and was gracious enough to allow a second interview for us. In the first issue, she discusses the British monarchy and gives us insight into her love of the Tudor dynasty. Terence also eloquently reviews The Man On A Donkey by H.F.M. Prescott which is set during the Pilgrimage of Grace.


As we continue to grow, as does popular interest in the Tudor era, I encourage you to join my Facebook group All Things Tudor, sign up for the newsletter and follow the Podcast. There are some amazing things in the works and we want you to be a part of it. Why Tudor history? Because we love it. Thank you for joining me, and all of us, on this adventure.

© Deb Hunter 2022

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Deb Hunter

Deb Hunter is a podcaster, historian and USA Today best-selling fiction author. Subscribe to the All Things Tudor Podcast available on all major platforms. Join her All Things Tudor Group or follow her website AllThingsTudor.com

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